External Scientific Committee

The External Scientific Committee is the advisory board that advises and supports the research activity of the Institute.          Check the External Evaluation Report

The External Scientific Committee of INDEST is formed by three academic and research members external to the UdL. Here we present briefly the personalities and the professional and investigative trajectory of the three members:


  • Mr. Ramon Flecha García


Professor of Sociology and Doctor Honoris Causa by West Timisoara University. He has been the principal investigator of the WORKALO (FP5) and INCLUD-ED (FP6) project, the only one of Social Sciences selected by the European Commission in its list of the ten best scientific investigations. He currently directs IMPACT-EV (PF7), which is contributing to the design and development of a system of indicators for the measurement of social impact in research. He has been an expert in the Commission of the Social Sciences and Humanities Area of the 7th Framework Program for Research of the European Union, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Currently, he has been selected Chair of the Expert Group on Evaluation Methodologies for the Interim and Ex-post evaluation of Horizon 2020. He has published in journals such as Nature, Harvard Educational Review, Journal of Mixed Methods Research, Current Sociology, Organization or Qualitative Inquiry and his article "Turning Difficulties into possibilities: engaging Roma families and students in school through dialogic learning". Cambridge Journal of Education 43:4, 451-465, DOI: 10.1080 / 0305764X.2013.819068. He received the Best Paper Price for Cambridge in 2013. His work Compartiendo Palabras (Paidós, 1997) has been translated into English and Chinese.


  • Mrs. Mirjana Pejić Bach 

Professor of the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Economics of Zagreb. Specialized in teaching of computer science and knowledge and discovery in databases in economics and business, information technologies and systems dynamics. Participates in various projects of the 7th Framework Program of the European Union. He is also UNESCO Chair in the Data Privacy Conference "Privacy in Statistical Databases 2016" (PSD 2016). Evaluator of the Horizon 2020 Programme. She is part of the European Evaluation Commission in Brussels of Social Sciences and Humanities, she is also an external consultant and an expert in the European Horizon 2020 Programme.


  • Mr. Joaquim Prats Cuevas

Professor at the University of Barcelona and Doctor in Modern History. He is specialized in the teaching of history, in the analysis of educational systems and in the history of universities. He is the Principal Investigator of the DHIGECS research group. In addition, he has developed his work as an external evaluator of research projects (ANEP, AGAUR, COLCIENCIAS of Colombia, ANCPT of Argentina, IBE-UNESCO and other institutions and universities) and he has been a member of the National Commission of Accreditation of Professors Holders of University of the field of social and legal sciences (BOE 14 XII-2007), ANECA and coordinator of Social Sciences of the AGAUR. He has been the president of the AQU and he has chaired the Center for European Education in Spain, which is linked to the European Commission. Finally, he was part of the Education Assembly of the OECD, the governing council of the PISA Programme, education committees of the Council of Ministers of the EU and the Council of Europe.